I create wire sculptures using a range of wires which can be left to age naturally or can be treated to achieve a wide range of finishes.  Most of the wires and treatments I use are explained below.  Pictures of my work are in galleries accessed by the menu above.

Galvanised chicken wire

15mm - 35mm galvanised wire will not rust

Copper wire

Reclaimed electrical wire, will turn a green grey with time

black mild steel wire.jpg
Annealed mild steel wire

Maliable wire will rust unless treated

annealed wire.jpg
Black steel wire

Maliable black coated wire will rust unless treated

galvanised wire.jpg
Galvanised steel wire

Thicker wire hard to bend will not rust but change to pewter colour with age

stainless steel wire.jpg
Stainless steel wire

Will not rust and says bright

Hot dip galvanised

Sculpture dipped in molten zinc to galvanise and prevent rusting.  Can be aged to a pewter Patina

powder coating.jpg
Powder coat

Stops rusting.  There are many different types of powder coatings - gloss, semi gloss and matt.  In almost any colour you want including chrome 

paint pots.jpg

Painted by brush or spray any colour you wish -could be lacquered to retain look of original wire 

wire weaving background.jpg

Your sculpture will age  naturally, the finish depending on the wire